Accounting accomplishments

Yesterday I had my most ambitious adventure so far. I went to the bank.

Paying tuition is a bit more complicated for students who have come to Kazan independently, rather than being here on a university exchange. Most everyone in my group simply payed tuition at their own institution and then bought plane tickets. My Taiwanese friends and I, on the other hand, have spent the past two and a half days trying to figure out how to pay. Things are a bit complicated.

And so today, in Russian, I learned all about wire transfers and charge limits and bank accounts and КППs and ИННs and БИКs and all of these horrible acronyms and the word талон, which is that little slip of paper that says “A032 to window 9” you get at the DMV. Considering the fact that I (regrettably and embarrassingly) didn’t really know what a wire transfer was yesterday morning, it is a miracle that I got through alive. Or at least without people yelling at me in a foreign language.



But worry not! It’s getting to the point where it’s pretty easy to communicate, so I didn’t have much trouble and the devushka who was helping me was really understanding. Even if it did take me about 17 minutes longer than it would for Russian to fill out the квитанция (kvitantsia, or invoice), it’s alright; I learned a lot.


Additionally, I think a car may have run into the side of the cafe I had dinner in, but I’m not sure.

I am not even exaggerating.



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3 responses to “Accounting accomplishments

  1. Granpa

    Hi Sophie, congratulations!! Remember, when you HAVE to get things done, surprisingly you learn to do them, often, quickly. There are so many incidents in my life that now I wonder “how did I ever do that”. Such as buying a car in France from a dealer in countryside where no one spoke English and I couldn’t speak French!?!

  2. Carolyn harris

    Glad everything turned out ok, but I have to say, I couldn’t help laughing when u said a car had run into the cafe u had eaten in…lol. Just a few days ago, someone had tried to run u down! Now neither of those is a funny happenstance, but it’s beginning to sound like a 3 Stooges Extravaganza in the making! Please take better care of my redheaded darlinka…2xlol!


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