Additionally, the power just went out for no reason at all whatsoever. What was I saying about normal life in this country..?



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2 responses to “Update

  1. Melanie

    You make me smile, Sofyushka. 🙂

  2. Mrs. Peck

    Wow..sounds like you are back in Northern Virginia..well, it does take an almost tornado to put out our power…..
    I am thrilled for you to have such wonderful adventures. I wish I could have gone to Russia when I studied it at university. I am enjoying “remembering” many of the Russian words in your blog. I hope to pick it up again in January, when I finish with my “Spanish Study Group”-one or two neighborhood kids who want to try to train themselves to speak Spanish more fluently and with each other. No Sophie, you are not confused, I have never studied Spanish in school (1 year of Pimsleur CDs in the car last year) but I figure its like the myopic leading the blind….at least my students will feel very masterful in my presence!

    Keep blogging and entertaining us with your misadventures. XO Mrs. Peck

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