Sophie, what on earth are you doing in Tatarstan?

I’m here to improve my Russian, yes; but I’m also interested in learning about the city my family is from. Granted, I’ll be discovering a very different landscape from the one they lived in at the turn of the 20th century, but I’m still here to see where some of our history’s loose ends lead. Also, I’ve always wanted one of those Russian mob-boss leather jackets, so obtaining one of those is definitely a goal of mine. And last, but certainly not least (in fact, probably the most important), I’m here to see what kinds of crazy opportunities I might be able to find while I’m here. Maybe none. Maybe many. Kто знает? Я не знаю.

I won’t make any pretense of keeping an organized blog; this will indubitably be a collection of vignettes, badly taken pictures (let’s face it, still shots are not one of my strong suits), and stream-of-consciousness observations about what’s going on around me. I don’t find any fault with this format; I feel like it might actually convey some of the rawness of living in a foreign country for so long. Regardless, thanks for paying attention, and I hope everyone can join me in crying and laughing (most likely both simultaneously) at my failures and triumphs.


One response to “Sophie, what on earth are you doing in Tatarstan?

  1. laurie kelly

    I just got caught up and have signed up to “follow” your blog now. Love love loving it. What a life you’re having, Sophie. I like your style girl.

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